Heat Lists


  1. Competitors must be in the On Deck Area and ready to dance at least 30 minutes prior to your first scheduled event.
  2. Any changes and late registrations must be handled in person at the Registration Desk. First come, first serve!
    1. All adds and late registrations will be screened according to Beach Ball rules and CDA Fair Level proficiency.
    2. Please note that some events are closed to adds. Click here to see the number of spaces available in each event: Adds-Late Registration Availability.
    3. Eligible adds and late registrations will only be accepted as long as they do not add extra rounds to the schedule. For example, no adding a quarterfinal for events that are already scheduled to be semifinals.
  3. All shoes MUST be suede-soled and have heel protectors or suede stars. We will have some suede stars available for purchase at the Registration Desk.